Sunday, April 20, 2014

10:28 PM

Cheat Sheet to Candy Crush Saga for your mobile

Candy Crush saga is a fun video game in which one has to match three types of candy. It is far and away one of the most popular games on Face book that so many people have become addicted to the game that they spend a lot of time, day and night to try to get to the next level. Here are a few ways to progress with tips and tricks in the form of a candy crush cheat sheet.

Tips and tricks:

There are numerous tricks and tips and cheats that one can use in order to rule out the jellies and win the game. However, one must keep playing to master them!

Finding Patterns: There are a few ways to find the right kind of donut hole with sprinkles or special candy. Recognizing what is available and repeatedly picking them will help one progress to the next level. Memorizing patterns leading to special candy combos will help.

Starting from the bottom: Crushing candy from the bottom and moving up the ladder is a better strategy as the candies drop down. This leads to a cascade kind of effect offering a person the chance for free moves.

Picking combos: This is one of the easiest candy crush saga cheat tips – pick the wrapped and striped candy and striped candy and donut hole together. These combinations help to wipe out half of the board in one go. This strategy can help a person progress faster to higher levels.

Figuring out stripes: Make sure to pick candy with stripes in the same direction as the one which was used to complete the previous set. If a candy is moved horizontally, it will make a stripe in that direction and help complete lines.

Threat assessment: Try and get rid of the evil candy when they pop up. It is usually a good idea to kill off the low level bombs first, next chocolate and then the blocks.

How to handle clear jellies on the edges: When one is dealing with clear jellies, keep an eye on the periphery – especially the bottom and corners. These are usually present in the lowest combinations to get rid of them, so try to get them out before they become an issue.

Making plans: Each time a player reaches a new level, they have to try and figure out the hardest element here and figure out how to get past it without using up too many lives. It is a good idea to proceed cautiously so that candies from lesser moves crush progress.

Understanding chocolate: Another tip from on thecandy crush saga cheat sheet – if a piece of chocolate was eaten on a previous round, it will not come up again. This is a great way to get rid of chocolate – clear the board of chocolate now and expect to see it in higher levels. Special candy is usually avoided by chocolate as are fruits and nuts. Bombs usually get absorbed.