Monday, April 28, 2014

10:12 PM

QR Codes

At this day of age, technology is everywhere. From time to time, there are new discoveries that will change the way technology works. You may be at a coffee shop, sipping your favorite cappuccino or you may be at a super mart buying your favorite groceries or you may be reading a magazine and you have noticed the black and white square patterns being shown on various billboards, ads and even, product labels.

At first look, this pattern may seem funny or weird. This is true, most especially if you do not have any idea as to what it can do for you. For your information, this black and white square pattern is what you call the QR code. This is not really a new thing but not all people know what it is for. What most people do now know is the fact that these little black squares are one of the greatest products of technology and have brought great change to the world.

What Is QR Code?

QR code, which stands for Quick Response Code, was created for the automotive industry on 1994. QR code is a 2d version of the more popular barcode. It works the same way as a barcode however the QR code needs to be scanned optically, with the use of a smart phone camera. Also, this code contains more information, such as product information, general information, URLs, website and many more. Originally, this was made to keep track of vehicles during the manufacturing process. Today, these codes are employed for a wide array of marketing purposes. In addition to that, it can also be employed for mobile payment.

How Is It Used?

Scanning a QR code is quite easy. All you need is your mobile phone camera and you are good to go. Also, it is recommended that you download a QR code scanning app for faster and easier QR code scanning. For anyone who wishes to create a QR code for their products, the process is made easier since you only have to download a QR code generator.

QR Codes and How It Changed The Tech World

The use of this code is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason! This changed the whole technology because it provides benefits not only for business owners but for the consuming public as well. The main reason behind the success of the QR code is the fact that it makes the different areas of our life a lot easier. The birth of this code has taken communication, research and marketing into a whole new level. Information can be accessed in just a simple push of a button. Businesses can provide updates to their consumers a lot easier. On the other hand, consumers can get to have informed decisions since they have the information of different products at their disposal.

There is no telling if the QR code trend will prevail or not but today, this is considered as one of the good advancements in the communication and technology industry.