Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1:46 PM

Simple steps of clean your mac

Mac computers have become very popular in the 21st century, especially among the youths. Despite their high price in the market than other computers, most people prefer to buy it because of its quality. Regular users of Mac computers have to clean up their machines which one can do without calling any professional. This cleaning up procedure of Mac computer is essential to maintain its quality and performance.

Use of manual in Mac cleaning up process

First delete the log files. From Application box, hit on Console. Then go to Utilities. There you will get console messages on the sidebar consists of a list. You have to choose tab logs in the section of cleaning app. Hit on System Archived Logs and then click on Execute. The browser will help you to get clear off unnecessary cache and after resetting, it will be rebooted again. An email with an attached file is automatically being saved to %username% everytime. Then it will go to Library and finally to Mail Downloads. You have to delete the content of the folders with huge weight. Even after deleting all those folders, you will still have them all in your email ID. Try to delete the unused or unneeded apps. This deleting will help you to save time which you will otherwise spend in updating those apps. By following these simple steps one can easily do the task of Mac clean up from home.

Steps of rebooting a Mac

After installing a new software, you may feel the need to reboot the system, which, infact, is also an important step to clean your mac. For this you don’t have to use a disk, you can simply do it by using your keyboard or by using a mouse selecting the command. The first step is to click on Apple icon, then hit on Restart. Mac will drop out the applications before restarting. Save the changes to open the documents. After this step, Mac will automatically shut down, and then start to reboot. Secondly, you can reboot a Mac computer by using your keyboard. For this you have to press together the “Control”, “Command” and Eject” keys. This command will make the computer to quit all applications. Then save the changes in any document which is open. And finally Mac will start rebooting.

Try to avoid any kind of restoring or deleting any program about which you are not sure. Avery important sep to Mac cleaning up process is to update your Mac computer regularly with latest version of OS X. At present the latest version of OS X is Lion and Mountain Lion. Another kind of update which is needed to maintain the system is the updating of your system. For this you have to click on Apple icon and then select software update.

If your hard disk space is overloaded, then you can clean it up by using a Mac cleaner. So you should try to do the easy job of Mac cleaning up in your home because it is very economic and you don’t have to wait for the technicians to fix up your problem.