Friday, June 13, 2014

2:27 AM

Color Palette And Marble Wallpapers

In this world all people love to see at beautiful stuffs, and while beauty is subjective, it is tough to go wrong path with colors. If nevertheless, you seek single color or two tone wallpapers enduring you, possible it’s time to go different color range and marble wallpapers in place of. It’s difficult, oddly calming and doesn't yell for attention like other wallpapers continuous do.

Are you guys looking for wallpapers that will not amuse your attention away from your actual scene then this post definitely belong to you guys. We have gathered 15 color palette and marble wallpapers for a different screen sizes, both for Desktop and Mobile.

Wallpaper by Chris Locke available for iPhone

Color Palette Wallpapers available in a variety of sizes.

Color Palette Wallpapers available

CUBEN Space Series Wallpaper available in 2048×2048 Screen Resolution.

CUBEN Space Series

CUBEN Space Series Wallpaper

CUBEN Space Series Wallpaper available

Flowers Wallpaper available for iPhone devices.

Flowers Wallpaper available for iPhone devices.

Geometric Various wallpapers available in iPhone devices size.

Geometric Various wallpapers

Parallel Wallpapers

Parallel Wallpapers available in 2560×1600, 2880×1800, 1440×900, 2048×2048, 768×1024 and 1136×640 Screen Resolution

Parallel Wallpapers available

Parallel Wallpaper available

Pixel Matrix Wallpaper available in 2560×1600, 1920×1200, 1680×1050, and 1600×1200  Screen Resolution

Pixel Matrix Wallpaper available

Pixel Wash Wallpaper available in 1920×1020 Screen Resolution

Pixel Wash Wallpaper available

Chris Locke Wallpaper available for iPhone device

Chris Locke Wallpaper available

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