Monday, June 16, 2014

1:53 AM

FIFA World Cup 2014 Mascot 

FIFA World Cup 2014 is running in the hot summer, following are the ways to teach you never miss out any FIFA Football pool match. Now anyone can add or import the entire FIFA World Cup 2014 schedule to your iPhone, iPad and even on your Mac PC calendar utilizing the simple and easy technique.

How to Add or Import FIFA World Cup 2014 Matches?

Footstep 1: Visit to this site “ on your Safari browser. This website contains more than 3,500 calendars across 40 different categories. All the categories calendars are compatible with all those devices which support iCalendar files.

World Cup 2014 Schedule

Footstep 2: Find for “FIFA World Cup 2014″ or else you can visit this URL “”. If you use direct link then you go to the exact calendar.

Footstep 3: Then Click on “Subscribe to Calendar” icon.

Footstep 4: After “Subscribe to Calendar” there is a pop-up open and saying ‘Subscribe to the Calendar “World Cup 2014″ if you are utilizing iPad or iPhone.

Subscribe to World Cup 2014

Footstep 5: When you subscribed calendar then you’ll receive a confirmation message and saying “calendar has been successfully added to your iPhone or iPad and other devices” now use your calendar app and go to “View Events” to see the World Cup schedule.