Tuesday, June 3, 2014

12:39 PM

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What is domain authority?

You might have heard this term, and you might have a clue to what this means, but just to clear things up, domain authority is your net presence and how well you perform in search engines, in a nutshell.

Basically, it is your overall performance on the Internet, and how well categorized your website is.

What can I do to improve?

First of all, the toughest decision is to choose a good web hosting provider, it will depend a lot on how well the provider is. The more freedom and the more control you have over your own content the better chances of increasing your overall domain authority.

Remember to meet your deadlines, either the ones you are obliged to follow or the ones you set yourself. Stay up to date and be consistent because if you show continuous presence, your readers will feel more respected.

What can I do on site?

Nobody likes a messy website, and your job is to keep it clean and user-friendly, also remember to categorize and to index all your pages. This way, it will be easier for users to move around and the search engine results will be also improved. Try to limit how many links on a page you have; overwhelming links can scare away users. Also, you can use tools to check your site’s health.

Remember not to clutter your site, if it is slow, nobody will come back. Make it fast, simple and easy to navigate. Your permalinks and links should be relevant, short and to the point.

Feedback is important; not only the one you get from your users, but your feedback as well. If you can answer mails, reply to comments and raise your overall presence, the users will appreciate it. Not to mention that your domain authority will also be increased.

What should I post?

Do not allow yourself to post low-quality content, work on providing only the best of the best. Creating new and engaging well-written content will guarantee your top position in search engine results.

Researching is something you should get accustomed to, as you will need to read a lot and to find out whether what you are writing about already exists and to what degree is yours similar.

Remember to interlink your website with not only social media sites but with other posters and websites too. Promoting others will also help promote you; it is an easy and efficient way to boost your overall domain authority.

Why is social media important?

Not only will social media sites help you spread the word about your posts, but it will also help you with creating a network of high-quality people who will do most of the promotion for you. The more present you are on a number of social media platforms the more you increase the chances of your posts being among the top of the search engine results.

Being socially active will increase the number of followers and guests who will want to be interlinked with you. Building a strong network of high-quality relationships will help you develop further and to establish a good Internet presence.

Dan Radak is VPS security and hosting generally specialist. Currently employee as a consultant in couple of Web Hosting companies, in his free time, he likes fishing or making home-grown beer. You can reach him on Twitter.