Tuesday, June 24, 2014

4:45 AM

Mobile Spy Software

Features of the Mobile Spy Software

Do you know the exact location of children? Do you know where your spouse is? We all live in a world of uncertainty; trust and safety is the major concern for our loved ones. It is imperative to know about your children doing and are they doing the same thing which they are allowed or supposed to do? Have you ever noticed that they are lying to you? Are they spending most of their time with friends and least possible time with family members? Technology has provided a wonderful solution for all these questions.
Mspy espionner un iphone application is an one step solution provided by the technology. The technology is known as mobile phone spyware and this is an amazing technology, which could bring the following information.

SMS Tracking

SMS tracking will let you know about every SMS sent by the targeted phone. This feature will let you read the SMS word by word along with the phone number of the recipient or sender.

Call Tracking

This feature enables us to record all the voice calls whether they are dialed or received. The spy software records the voice calls and send it through the internet connection of the mobile phone.


This software is undetectable on the installed device. The owner of the mobile phone will never know that somebody is tracking his or her activities. This application doesn’t have any icon to show its presence.

Phone Book

By using this tool you will have all the phone numbers, which are saved in the memory of the targeted phone. By a simple click you will get all the details.

GPS Locator

This works great when you wish to know the exact location of your spouse or children. This software enables you to see the mobile phone location on Google maps. This is a wonderful technology to locate your family members and by finding out the location of the mobile phones, you can ask them about their whereabouts. In case they are lying to you, this clearly signifies that they are going in the wrong direction. To clear your doubts and to save your children from bad elements you can also find out to whom they are talking to and for how long? You can even know what they are talking about; you have the facility to listen the entire conversation.

If you have installed an mspy espionner un iphone mobile tracking application on the cell phone of your employee then you will come to know how loyal he is. You can concentrate more on employee, which you are suspicious about. In case he is leaking any confidential information to your competitor or your enemy. You will have strong evidence to prove that your employee is a cheat. If you know this in time then you can save your company from the futuristic damages, which your employee can bring to you.

The cost of spyware varies; it all depends on the features you are getting. This application will bring peace of mind.