Monday, June 9, 2014

5:34 AM

iPhone 6 Rear Shell From Multiple Corners

iPhone 5S Handset

Newly Photos had revealed online that demonstrate a near look at the back shell for the iPhone 6.

The Shell seems same to the one revealed in May 2014 but in this the photos are shot from the back, front, sides and so on.
Have you seen previous leaks? The iPhone back has different antenna breaks on the top and bottom of handset apart from a circular cutout for the LED flash. The handset shell has the multiple corners, slides and you’ll observe that the on/off button has been switch from the top to the right hand side.

Amazing, the Apple company logo is removed. This is probably component of the manufacturing procedure; therefore, there’s a minor possibility that Apple could utilize the company logo as a notification blinker.

Following are the photos below and let us know what you think in the Disqus comment box.

Leaked iPhone 6 Flat Rear Shell Photo

Leaked iPhone 6 Internal Rear Shell Photo

Leaked iPhone 6 Back Rear Shell Photo

Leaked iPhone 6 Inside Rear Shell Photo

iPhone 6 Rear Shell Photo

Leaked iPhone 6 Rear Shell

Leaked iPhone 6 Photo