Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9:48 PM

Download the 3DS Emulator for PC

How to Download the 3DS Emulator for PC

Nintendo’s 3DS emulator for PC has become so popular among gamers because of its unique 3D effect which you cannot find on other gaming consoles. With this new emulator, you can now enjoy a lot of great games on your personal computer. As a matter of fact, several other Nintendo gamers who owned a console will choose to play the game on their computer using the emulator because of the various flexibility and options that it offers. The emulator has been in the beta stage for a long time. But with the release of the new version, you will notice a lot of improvements on the performance as well as a fully enhanced quality of details.

More Versions Will Be Available Soon

As of the moment, the emulator runs on the Windows PC version. It is said that the software will soon be available for Linux, Mac, Android as well as iOS. And if rumors are true, these emulators are predicted to be released anytime this year.

Perhaps, you are one of those who have been earnestly searching the Internet for the 3DS emulator for PC BIOS download link. If you are, then read below to find out how you can download this on your PC.

How to Install the Emulator

There is no need to install anything for the emulator to work. If you are new with downloading this software, then refer below for instructions on how you can download the emulator for the first time.
  1. Click on the link to download the emulator.
  2. A folder will open for the compressed file. Extract the compressed file using 7 zip or other programs.
  3. You will then find the file with a file name “3ds-emulator-pro.exe” as well as the “manual.txt”.
  4. Although not required, it is best to read the manual.txt in order to learn some of the basics about using the program.
If you encounter problems during the download process, it is best to refer to the video tutorials that are all over the Internet. The tutorial covers everything, from setting the emulator to loading the 3DS and on how to start the game.

All about the Nintendo 3DS Emulation

The Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC can be a bit daunting to find since it is rare to find any available documentation for its hardware. In addition, Nintendo has been so strict when it comes to sealing off their hardware as well as their source codes. It is for this reason why you can hardly find any PC emulator for Nintendo 3DS.

But the great news is that there are some veteran hackers who were able to create a working emulator. Unlike other emulators that come with surveys, this 3DS emulator for PC no surveys program is easy to download. Here are some of the features that come with this new emulator:
  • Newly redesigned software and equipped with a much better user interface.
  • Great performance boost for all new games.
  • Comes with a new optimization tool. You can enjoy the best results with the hardware just by a simple click of your mouse.
  • Comes equipped with auto updater.
The emulators have been in development since 2012 and since then, the project has been making a slow and steady progress right behind the scenes. Such emulator for PC is now ready to be released for all gamers who want a working version of the software for the Nintendo 3DS. The software is free and although it is still rough around the edges, it currently runs well on all of the Windows PC. The Mac and other versions are set to be announced anytime this year.