Wednesday, August 13, 2014

12:13 PM

What Your Brand New Web Design Says About You


What Your Brand New Web Design Says About You

Whether you like it or not, browsers encountering your website will judge you according to its design. Your website design will open doors for your business and millions of online users will have access to your online presence. Remember that first impressions last – when it comes to web design, this is certainly true.

Ask others what they think of your web design

If you think your web design is giving off a certain appeal, it’s always best to check. Ask the opinion of others and see how they respond to the design and interface. Constructive criticism might cause you to recoil, but the benefits thereof are great. Getting the right impression sent to your target audience will take some effort, but when you get it right you will certainly reap the rewards.

What does your business web design reveal to your target audience?

Content is king when it comes to web design. What you say on your website and how you say it can really dictate what people take away from it. People are on your website for a reason. They aren’t there to check out your web development strategies, they are there to learn more about your business, your commodities, services and your line of work approach. It really can be beneficial if you take the time to structure your website in such a way that it says precisely what you want it to.

A good web development professional will be able to structure your business website to reveal the following to your target audience:
  • What your business priorities are.
  • How the company is structured and who is in charge of the various operations.
  • Your posture towards customer service.
  • Trustworthiness of the company (testimonials are great for this).
  • What range of products or services you have and how to go about ordering.
When thinking about what your website is telling your customers consider whether it is relaying a positive message to your clients. Ask yourself if it is truly reflecting the energy and attitude of your business.

What should my web design company pay attention to during my web design?

For your target audience to receive a positive message and want to do business with you there are a few factors that come into play with regards to the web design. A professional web design company will pay attention to the following aspects:

Copy-writing – the content on your website should be well structured, informative and professional. Weak sales copy will merely send your potential clients running.

Layout – a clear and easy to navigate layout is great for making your target audience feel catered to. If your client can quickly and easily find what they are looking for, you are on the right path.

Special effects – while it’s great to want to wow your customers, it can be a little distracting if things are flashing across the screens, buttons are moving and menus are animated. Try to keep the design clean, ordered and minimalistic.

These are just a few of the things that your web design company should take into consideration when working on your company site. If you would like to take your corporate image to the next level, make sure that you know what your web design is saying about you – and prepare to reap the rewards of effective online marketing.