Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10:00 AM

Download Snapchat Android App for Smartphones & Tablets

People are crazy about their images while doing anything with their best buddies but now you can share your images with your buddies in just one click and spread out your images within your friends circle and tell them what you are doing in place of messaging them, just share your photos with friends. Just simple search out those apps which are doing this but I’m going to tell you one app name which fruitful for you. Snapchat is the most reliable app for photo snap so download now and starts using it. You can download snapchat for Android and iPhone devices both but now Snapchat has updated their android app version.

Download Snapchat .APK File for Android Free via Direct Links

Now you can get new version Snapchat for Android from the Play Store, I mean Google Play store where you can get everything’s, I mean only apps. Here I want to inform you that for the privacy safety the pictures are removed instantly as the receiver has viewed the picture up to or except when anyone takes a screenshot.

In Android and iPhone photo App, you can also entertain video chats too. I have collected few Snapchat files for download. These files only work on Android smartphones or tablets, but I am also trying to collect APK files for iPhone users as well, but it's also taking time to collect them. Why I am collected APK files for Android users because for those who are not download Snapchat app from Google Play store then they easily download files via APK direct link.

Download Snapchat APK - Best Selling Android & iPhone App

Now anyone can download the Snapchat APK File from the link which are mentioned below:

NOTE: But there is a requirement for downloading app on your Android device. Your android device should be android 2.3 or above for this app!

I think this is not good idea for android app users. If users doesn't have Android 2.3 version or update version then what they should do?

Snapchat Change Log:

What are the things Snapchat Inc. has changed in the new update and what they offer in this latest release?

If anyone used the app then you feel your fingers need more power while using video chat? But now you can easily drag your lock icon and socialize without any tension, it’s hands-free now.

There are plenty changes occurred in the new update so are you love it or not? Share your thoughts in the comment box! Don’t worry about for those who are not able to install an APK file manually then we make a tutorial for them.

Snapchat Features for Android :

Now android users can enjoy quick and fun mobile conversation with their friends! Just take snap a video or a photo, add a comment and sent it to a buddy. When your friend receives your message then they’ll laugh and then snap vanish from the screen. Except when they take a screenshot!

Snapchat Android APK File Download Now:

For more details on how to download or install Snapchat APK File. Full tutorial is available on how to download Snapchat APK file without any third party.

Snapchat Old Versions: