Wednesday, October 8, 2014

11:06 PM

Job made easy:

In the olden days, the job of a researcher was no different as it is today, that is to search for new information and convert that into knowledge for the larger benefit of humanity. In order to find something we do not know, we need to start from where we know and that includes searching for information and reviewing the older knowledge base to find the new. This used to be a very lengthy and time consuming process and the person had to travel if needed to far off libraries just to collect relevant materials for his work. Even today, he does go on the search but the job is made easy and simple in a way that he does no travel long distances but the library comes right to his home through the internet. The latest technology is put to proper use so that the job of searching for relevant resources is carried out in fraction of time that it took in the early years.

The medium:

The online sources of information are a huge pile of collected material what was available in the book format and has been converted into the electronic format or digital format in technical terms. There are many e books available even at the time of publishing these days which was not available in olden days. The free online library as they are called are a treasure of information and one has to only strike the right key words and the material that you need is all in front of you. This takes a fraction of a minute, and what took tonnes and tonnes of paper are now reduced to electronic chips and saving all the trees that go into making the books.

The types of resources:

The resources that are available online the internet is quite huge and there can be no proper count of the amount of them as of today. The types of the resources are quite a long list which includes audio and visual material, the book format, and the newspaper which can be read as you read a newspaper in the paper format. In fact the newspaper of any day can be read online which makes our lives clutter free as well.


There are many advantages of taking resources from the internet. The first and foremost is the amount of time that is saved using the internet libraries. There are many websites which are regular websites but they function as collection of material or information collection which makes them a library. They can be accessed from anywhere in the world but the one requirement is that you need to have the right speed of internet connection and if the connection is the latest, then speed is quite remarkable. It is not restricted to any person or institution but is open to anyone who wants to read.

There are more than hundred thousand libraries in the United States itself and one can imagine the number throughout the globe. Many individuals have agreed to the fact that we do not need the traditional libraries any more. The ease of access is what makes them say so.


The number of internet library users is increasing each day. Most of these libraries are being used by students throughout the world. It has been found that more than seventy three percent of the respondents in the study included students. There are, apart from students many other professionals and management executives who use them each day. The Free Internet Library is making the modern education system and businesses work quicker than it was before.

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