Friday, December 12, 2014

1:37 AM

AVS4You – The One Stop Solution for Your Audio-Visual Needs

You just celebrated the marriage of your younger brother. You had a great fun with your family friends and relatives. You have captured each and every bit of the ceremony in your high-end video camcorder. Now, after all the rituals have been completed and everyone is asking for the photographs and the videos you have recorded, you have the only raw copies with you. However, you don’t want to show the same, rather you want to surprise everyone with some amazing and heart touching video footage's and photographs.

You have two options - either you can hire professional audio & video editing services or you can do it yourself with premium quality audio-visual editing software.

Which option would be feasible? 

Well, if you go for the first option (seek professional services) then you might have to shell out a fortune as the charges of such service providers are most likely to be skyrocketing. However, if you edit the entire thing by your own using a high-quality and feature loaded audio and video editing software, like AVS4You, you will be on the productive side. Most importantly, you will be able to pour your heart out while editing. And with a professional, the ‘emotional quotient’ might be lacking.

Is this software free? 

No, it’s not free, but investing on the software will be a profitable investment for you. Firstly, it offers the most reasonable rates in comparison to the other computer applications available on the deck. Secondly, it is the ultimate solution for all your audio-visual editing needs that you might not get to avail with the other software in the market, either free or paid. Thirdly, it is properly engineered and offers an impeccable user-interface. Also, there are two types of packages - the first one is for 1 year and the other one is for lifetime. So, you can choose one according to your requirements. It is also used by the professionals.

As far as compatibility is concerned, it is especially designed for Windows OS's. Furthermore, it can be used on One system only. For example - if you have two or more computers in your place, then you have to buy individual subscriptions for them.

What choices and tools this app gives you? 

The software comes along with a wide range of tools and options to meet your editing needs. Whether you are an experienced professional or pursue editing as a hobby, it is equally beneficial and easy to use for you. Right from audio and video to images and documents, you can use the same wherever you want. For its neat, clean and seamless navigation features, the software has gained a number of prestigious rewards.

Enjoy your cut

Even if it’s made for only one operating system and follows one subscription user format, AVS4You is a complete solution for editing almost any kind of file. You might find other editing software in the market claiming to be the best, but very few of them come power-packed with dozens of useful features, it is one among them. Best of all, it is made for all!