Friday, January 23, 2015

12:28 AM

Buying a high-end smartphone is becoming tougher with the passage of time, thanks to ever-growing competition of field's top rivals. Among them, comes the name of LG at reputed position. LG G3 did a splendid job which made company bag multitude of new customers. The successor, LG G4, is likely to surpass the popularity level. The rumors have surfaced the web suggesting mind-boggling features in the upcoming smartphone. If you are looking to buy a high-end smartphone anytime soon, then I'd suggest you check out the features of LG G4. We know a lot about this smartphone. Below the section covers what we know.

Build Quality

LG G3 won the praise with its impressive outer-look. Nowadays, build quality of smartphone, especially in the high-end range, matters a lot. To give tough competition to top-notch rivals, LG G4 must come with premium outer-look. For some, the premium look comes only with aluminium body. So, we expect to see new metal in LG G4.


LG G3's most eye-catching part was its display. Company blessed the smartphone with QHD resolution and started a new era. So, it would be interesting to see the display specs of LG G4. We expect to see 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution in LG G4. The size is not likely to be more than its predecessors. 5.7-inch size is most suitable for company to keep rear-button setup intact. Since this is something that has become company's high-end smartphones' identity, so company won't be playing with comes with Gorilla Glass 3 so you do not need to buy LG G4 cases.

Processor and Operating System

Just like other parts, nothing is confirmed about this one too. The smartphone is likely to be blessed with Snapdragon 801/805/808, 3 GHz processor. This much clocking speed would definitely please the users. Since processing speed works as deciding factor in any smartphone's eye-catching tendency, so we expect LG to focus on this one and deliver the best possible.

The users will get to taste the best Android features with Android 5.0 Lollipop version in the LG G4. This latest version of Google's mobile OS will surely take the software part to a new end.


Are you a photography freak? Whether or not, you surely love to take pics with your smartphone, right? To please you, LG is likely to bless LG G4 with 16MP Primary Camera and 5MP secondary camera. This along with impressive software features related to the camera part will take your smartphone photography experience to high level for sure.


LG G4 will hit the market in 32GB and 64GB internal storage variants. Both will likely come with the support of micro SD card. It's likely that 32GB version will come up with 3GB RAM and 64GB version with 4GB RAM.


3500-4000mAh battery in LG G4 will let you use the smartphone for long with one-time full charge.

Release Date and Price

We don't see LG G4 hitting the market any time before May, 2015. We expect this said month to work as announcement month for the device. The release will then follow it, with a gap of few weeks.

Nothing is known about price, but as per rumors, it will be around $900.


LG G4 is surely going to be one among the best high-end devices in 2015. Yes, this smartphone is worth the long wait.