Thursday, February 5, 2015

5:43 AM

As a professional web designer, it is important to know the most ideal platform to make your client’s website on. You should be able to instantly decide the best way to go for such a website depending on your clients’ needs. Some websites are best done on a CMS platform. Others are better when created from scratch to end through coding (HTML and CSS).

You are the one who should advice your client accordingly. This is why a great web designer needs to be equipped with at the very least, basic knowledge and skills in a variety of programing languages. If you cannot manage to learn all these languages, then you will need to work with a team that compliments each other on the various coding languages.

If you keenly follow the best reviews on web design, you will notice that a majority of web designers don’t work solo completely. This includes freelancers. They team up with other designers who have strong skills in the coding languages they are weak at. This way, they can collaborate on projects and share the profits.

If you are just getting started in this field, you should hand out in forums where web designers hang out. There are many such forums online. A quick Google search will list tens of them. Connect with people in such forums and then closely grow your relationships with other web designers who will compliment your skills. Request them that you work on projects together. You can target those who are also relatively new in this field too. These are your best candidates because they are also looking to create a space within the market.

Another option is to find team members from the people with whom you studied with on the various web design courses. With such people, you can form a web design company together because you can easily complement each other’s weaknesses. You also have most likely learnt each other better and thus can form a formidable force that will allow you to penetrate this industry with ease.

All options notwithstanding, you need to be armed with good skills in at least 2 two web design options. You can choose, for instance to be an expert Joomla and WordPress CMS expert, or you can choose to be a CSS and HTML expert. This way, you can be able to set up a complete website without any other third party’s input when push comes to shove.

Be advised that learning some simple coding language does not make you a web designer. Web designing is not just about making websites; it is about customer relations, over-delivery, customer support, good public relations and keeping tight deadlines. It is a real business just like any other business. You need to be focused, thorough, determined and very serious about being successful.

However, following the simple advice on this post will make it easier for you to overcome hurdles that appear along the way. Go ahead and immerse yourself in to the web design world with an open mind that is ready to learn from your mistakes.

Jack Dawson is a freelance web designer with many years of experience. He has written web design best reviews for newbies at Big Drop Inc which was highly acclaimed and featured in a number of online publications.