Sunday, June 7, 2015

9:42 AM

Recently you have uploaded a video on the World Wide Web, but you are not getting desired results. You are searching for different ways to promote it. Here are 4 well proven ways, which you can apply to promote YouTube video.

Video Contests

You should take part in video contests as you will get a lot of views from there. Your video will get a good exposure and soon you will get a lot of hits. There are different contest websites, which not only promote your videos by different ways; you can also win money and other prizes while doing YouTube video promotion. You simply need to take part in these contests. In order to get a list of contest sites, you can search it on the World Wide Web. Before uploading your videos, make sure that your video is of best quality.

Publish It on Your Blog

If you are willing to post a video, post it with the best quality post. When you are posting it in a blog, it is imperative on your part to make sure that the content of your post is elaborating the same point as the content in the video. Google loves high quality videos, when you share a video on your blog; it also improves the ranking of your blog.

Comment on Different Videos

Suppose you have posted a video about doing a specific exercise to increase the muscle mass. Visit different websites of bodybuilding niche and view their videos. Don’t take the other videos as a challenge, make them your friend by commenting on their videos and leave the link of your video with your comment.

Before writing a blog, visit different websites of your niche and spend a good amount of time on research. After researching you will come to know about different aspects of exercising, then you will write a good comment. Suppose people are writing about the benefits of doing strength training for mass building. You can make a video and define about the disadvantages of performing the exercises in a wrong manner. By doing this you will be different from the others. People will get interested in your post and will visit your blog to know more about the subject.

Social Media

Social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn are providing wonderful results to increase the popularity of your blog and promote YouTube video. Use social media tools to establish your brand and promote the videos.

Suppose you are from bodybuilding niche, you can join different groups on Facebook and share your videos over there. You can even ask your group members to comment on your postings and videos about the shortcomings, so next time when you make a video you will take care of it.

YouTube is a great platform to host and share your videos. In case you are not aware about how to do the youtube video promotion, you can take the help of professionals. There are many companies who are providing this service