Sunday, June 28, 2015

1:55 AM

A single pane of glass in Information Technology refers to an integrated management tool, which presents data collected from multiple environments and applications in a unified display. This particular “integrated” tool might be a dashboard or a unified console. The whole purpose of the console is to present operational data in such a fashion that it can be easily operated. The data center offers the company insights into key IT metrics and indicators so that they can align their business goals in accordance with the precepts. Today, we will be exploring several benefits offered by the single pane of glass to companies.

How a Single Pane of Glass Facilitates Business Operations

How can a single pane of glass help you?

An effective single pane of glass can serve as the starting point for companies from where they end up securing a glance of the way things work at the bigger level. Administrators can expect unified management of services, network components and users, as well as of the wired, physical and wireless resources.

How the single pane of glass functions and its benefits

The data center, which offers the single pane of glass gathers information from the different building facility systems and combines the data collected in the IT systems. An effective dashboard (or unified console or single pane of glass) generally comes with features like an easily navigable dashboard and duly customizable display. Moreover, the display should be ideally backed by an organized structure, which facilitates easy operation.

A single pane of glass proves particularly beneficial for larger organizations performing a series of tasks at the same time. You might have ten different OEMs offering ten different solutions, you might as well have to pass ten different workflows to do the same thing across all your devices. You have to resort to ten different ways to promote an update. However, with a single pane of glass, it becomes easier as you now have the same workflows and processes across all devices.

Right IT Now

Right IT Now remains one of the leading IT Operations management solutions in the UK and the USA. Marc Ferrie is the present CEO of the company. He was the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Guardian Edge and brings forth about 20 years of experience in software solutions. You can definitely turn to the RIN single pane of glass in a bid to experience the major benefits offered by the single console:
  • Launching the best Business practices besides automating all IT processes
  • Monitoring the entire infrastructure besides managing NOC staff
  • Offering the much needed visibility to the entire organizational environment
The company is offering you the exclusive opportunity to benefit from free in cloud services if you are monitoring up to hundred managed entities!

What you should consider while using the single pane of glass

It is very important to understand that the single pane of glass solution has a true “user-end” value when it is not lacking major networking capabilities, network behavior analysis and in its ability to recreate network behavior.