Tuesday, November 17, 2015

8:23 AM

With the generation that is surviving on Smartphone, it is difficult to rely on something else. The smartphones have practically became our lives and we are always finding ways to do something more with it so as to experience the most with our multi-purpose device. With things as simple as a task manager and a calendar to the instant messaging, your phone knows it all. But if you’re passionate and are ready to go an extra mile to make your smartphone a smarter device, then checkout these seven points. Below are detailed Review of Top Seven Best Tech-Gadgets Add-Ons for Your Smartphones and Tablets.

Top 7 Best Tech-Gadgets Add Ons for Smartphone, Tablet Devices

Fling Game Controller for Smart Phones

Fling game controller gives an option to turn your smartphone into a gaming console without blocking the view of your screen. The Fling Game Controller is a set of mini joysticks that is available for all smartphones both Android and iPhones and are also compatible with iTouch. It is an amazing accessory for the gamers, so if you are thinking to sell your smartphone to buy a gaming console, you would definitely want to think again. However, if you have made up your mind on selling your phone, you can try Klymen.com to get a good value of your phone.

Mini Cinema for iPhone

Mini cinema is a clever invention for the new age crowd. While one has video and movies already in smartphones but even with a 5.5” screen, it doesn’t feel great to watch your favourite videos. The Mini Cinema is a non-powered device that comes with a stand and amplifies both audio and video of your smartphone.

Smartphone Film Scanner

Many a times we have wished and also taken efforts to digitize the entire family albums that have been kept in the arcade for a couple of generations. Smartphone Film scanner, available for both iPhone and Android devices, transfers the negatives of the old photos directly to the phone and hence digitizing it at just a click. It can also convert the negatives into real images and also let you adjust the exposure of the pictures.

Google Chromcast HDMI Streaming Gadget

Have you ever wished to have a device that automatically transfers the contents of your smartphones, laptops and tablets to your TV? Here is the remedy that Google has finally come up with. Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Gadget is an HDMI dongle that transfers your data directly to your television just at a button’s click. This gadget comes at an affordable price.

Kwikset Kevo

While smartphones have already overtaken the market for a lot of things such as wallets, notepads, music players, with Kwikset Kevo even keys have come to the list. While one leaves the home or office, a double check whether the keys are being carried or not have become a part of the routine, but not anymore. This is because Kwikset Kevo is a digitally advanced device that gets paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This device lets multiple users connect to it and the door only opens if the device senses a paired smartphone nearby. This is an amazing gadget if you are looking for a key-less basic security system.

Canary Home Security Device

While some cool devices are out in the markets that are available for the security purposes, Canary invents a device that is super cool in its approach. This small device that paired up with smartphones and will send up a message in case it senses something. The device makes the prediction by measuring the humidity, heat, pressure and even the level of carbon monoxide in the room. Though the device is in the production phase and will be available soon, it has already created a buzz in the town.

iCade Jr.

Specially build to convert your iPhone into a miniature gaming arcade, iCade Jr. is something you will love to have and use. The case comes with a joystick and four buttons that give the look and feel of an actual arcade. The iPhone gets fixed attached in the mini cabinet, and since this, a conversation piece the entire mini cum personal arcade comes to life.

The iPhone cases are what that makes device look and appearance different and unique as compare to other similar hardware and software devices.

With such powerful and amusing devices that are available in the market, you can now let your smartphone be in charge of almost everything. So before you consider selling your smartphone or to upgrade it, try your hands on these cool devices that will make your Smartphone and Tablet converted into almost everything that you can think of.