Wednesday, May 11, 2016

7:29 AM

Many of us have talents that we're afraid to pursue as anything more than hobbies because we think the barrier to entry is too high. How often have you found yourself wishing you could have a fulfilling, creative career based on your passion, only to give up on your dream when you think of the challenges surrounding your goal?

It may help to know there are plenty of dream Jobs out there that favor your passion and have reasonable requirements for entry-level positions. This article looks at 5 of the most popular careers for creative and inspiring individuals who are looking for more in their line of work.


1. Music Producer

Although they're portrayed by the media to have a lavish and laid-back lifestyle, music production is a serious Business that not everyone is cut out for. The good news is, music production and musicianship in general has never been easier, with the digital age making important tools widely available.

Today, musicians and music producers can perform almost all of their work on a computer, using an array of gadgets and software, namely digital audio workstations or DAWs. With these tools, you can create and professionally edit music, and using internet networking you can go on to promote and sell your music. This allows just about anyone to be a self-publishing musician with the right skills. Watch some Ableton tutorials to get a feel of the skills you'll need to learn.

2. Makeup Artist

To be a successful makeup artist, you need not only focus on your passion for the products but also for having a variety of skills and being able to adapt to many situations. That said, there are a lot of possibilities open to makeup artists, including:
  • Working for a particular salon
  • Theatrical and performance makeup
  • Event-based makeup
  • Body and face-painting
Technically, anyone can be a makeup artist but it's recommended that you attend cosmetology certification. Additionally, because applying makeup is an art form, taking courses typically designed for other visual artists can be highly relevant.

3. Creative Writer

Writers face similar challenges to other artists, especially creative writers. When selling your hard work, it can be difficult to negotiate with publishing houses or even to get anyone to pay attention to you. It used to be that a writer was doomed to obscurity without the right backing, but the tides are changing in favor of artists with companies like Amazon at the forefront.

Self-publishing is making a serious impact for authors who are frustrated with traditional routes. They have more options too; Amazon's self-publishing program, for example, let's writers choose between publishing paper copies of their books or simply publishing online, and provides as much as 70% royalties on book sales.

4. Craft Worker

Whether you're a master embroiderer or a wood-working savant, the internet is making it easier for you to profit from your highly valuable skills, too. You may feel like it's too difficult to establish your presence online with so many other crafters in competition, but here are some tips to help get you started:
  • Yes, there are 3rd party sites like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Supermarket and more to sell your products, but remember that a portion of every sale will go to this site. The importance of creating your own domain cannot be overstated when it comes to marketing yourself online. Even if you use 3rd party sites like these, you should always have your own site where people can buy or order your goods straight from the source.
  • No matter how you sell your items, make sure you can accept any sort of payment method.
  • Check your best competition out to see what makes them so successful.
  • Join online communities that are relevant to your craft, including those visiting by both customers and fellow crafters.
5. Time to be Your Own Boss

If you're tired of a fulfilling career where you're not using the best of your talents, it may be time to try something new. Being your own boss has its challenges, and you'll need to keep your skills in top shape to match the competition, but nothing is more rewarding.