Saturday, November 12, 2016

6:51 AM

Mobile phones and tablets are amazing inventions for many reasons. That much is undeniable. But just because these technologies have revolutionized the way the world operates and they’ve made living life on the daily a lot easier or a lot less boring, that doesn't mean that these technologies don’t still have their shortcomings.

However, that’s the beautiful thing about technology. Necessity is the mother of invention, so if there is a need that is seen and expressed, somebody will work hard to see that that need is filled and that any inefficiencies are filled.

If you’re somebody who works a lot on mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet, here are 3 tech accessories that will make writing and working while on the move easier for you:

The Zagg Pocket Keyboard

While you can find a mobile keyboard that fits exactly with your preferences, the Zagg Pocket Keyboard is a great place to start because you can fold it horizontally to make it pocket size. In addition to this, the keyboard automatically turns on when you unfold it, the battery is supposed to last two years before you have to charge it, which is crazy, right? And there is even a flap that holds your smartphone while you work. Mobile keyboards are crucial for business people or bloggers looking to write and make money on the go, so it’s an accessory that can’t be lived without.

A Mobile Laptop or Tablet Stand

As a business person or a writer, you never know where your work is going to take you. Sometimes there isn’t a table or a chair in sight for you to set your stuff on or sit in, and this makes things challenging for you. Consider finding yourself a mobile laptop or tablet stand. Find something folds up tight and either extends from the bus or car seat in front of you, or that stands on the ground or extends off of a park bench. Tables aren’t always around, and even though your lap does the trick, having an adjustable stand is much better for the back.


While it’s pretty awesome that Siri allows you to voice command her and voice text, when you’re working on the go, sometimes you need something a bit more hardcore. Sometimes writing on a keyboard or by hand isn’t the best option. Sometimes you have to say things out loud to get the ideas flowing. In this case, use Dragon, the best speech recognition software out there. The software allows you to write entire books if that’s what you want to do. Use it on your laptop, your phone, or your tablet, and get work done without having to lay a finger on a keyboard.