Monday, December 12, 2016

8:26 AM

People use two factors to determine whether a career is suitable for them. The first is the passion they have for it. Nothing beats doing something one is passionate about to achieve one’s goals. The second is, of course, a good salary.

5 Great Paying Career Options for Tech Lovers

Careers in technology meet these two requirements; they are fulfilling and pay well. A recent study on the tech field by Robert Half, a HR firm based in the U.S., detailed tech jobs that pay more than $100,000 a year. Here are five of them.

1. Computer Information Systems (CIS) Managers

CIS managers oversee all computer-related tasks in corporations. They, therefore, determine whether a company's computer systems can help it meet its corporate goals. If it does not, they plan, coordinate and supervise the implementation of new systems. Once the system is in place, it is their responsibility to ensure it runs efficiently and securely.

Finally, they supervise IT professionals handling these tasks. To become a CIS manager, one must have a traditional or online bachelor's or master of science in computer information systems. Tons of certified masters in CIS programs are available online to new students or students with bachelor's careers who want to improve their prospects. One can then earn an average annual salary of about $130,000.

2. Senior Web Applications Developer

Web developers first analyze how people use a website. They then use the data to design and develop interfaces, features, and web applications. Advising clients on suitable web solutions is also their responsibility.

To become a senior web apps developer, one must also be brilliant at organizing and managing teams of developers. Quick problem solving skills and creativity are also necessary. At this senior level, one earns anywhere from $110,000 to $154,000 in a year.

3. Mobile App Developer

The mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. As a result, there is a huge demand for mobile apps. Developing these apps is the work of mobile app developers.

Today, every service and product company wants its own app. This has made the demand for apps and developers greater than the supply. As a result, anyone working in this field can earn a huge annual salary that starts at $115,000, and can go as high as $175,000.

4. Network Architects

These are individuals who design networks and systems for computer and telecoms companies.

Before becoming a network architect, one must first work as a network engineer. The only difference between these two jobs is that the architects design the system while the engineers implement the designs. A Computer Science degree is necessary for one to work in this lucrative field which attracts salaries of $120,000 to $170,000 per year.

5. Big Data Engineers

This job involves building large-scale data storage and processing systems. Big data engineers must be proficient in software engineering. They must also be innovative and capable of solving complex storage and processing problems. To join this field, one needs a bachelor's or master's degree in software engineering or computer science. An engineer can expect to earn $130,000 to $183,000 a year.

Working in the tech field is as fulfilling as it is lucrative. Technology lovers can now earn salaries in excess of $100,000.