Friday, January 6, 2017

7:08 AM

Technology has come a long way in the past 30 years. Look at the some of the results. Smartphones, drones, iPod’s, wireless speakers. There’s nothing that doesn’t catch our eyes and peek our interests. Summer is the best time for gadgets. Beautiful warm days, little weather issues, and you always have time thanks to those long summer days.

5 Must Have Home Gadgets for Summers

Summer’s right around the corner. It’s time to find the next set of gadgets we’re going to empty our bank accounts on. You can rifle through the web and stumble onto hundreds of possibilities, or you can scroll down and enjoy the 5 must have home gadgets for summers.

1. Triple Quick Pop Maker

Whether you have kids or not, the Triple Quick Pop Maker is a must have for the summer. I don’t know if you’re as picky as I am with foods and treats, but I tend to only prefer certain flavors and leave the rest alone. So, if you’re looking to take matters into your own hands and control what you want in a popsicle, this is the machine for you.

You’re able to buy all the ingredients you want; From fresh fruit, yogurt, sorbet, or even freshly squeezed juice. You simply add your desired flavors into the machine and in just seven minutes you’ll have yourself fresh frozen pops for all to enjoy. Saving you time and allowing everyone to have a say in what they want. What could be better?

2. 3-Tiered Stacked Glass Drink Dispenser

Summers are filled with parties and celebrations. You have birthdays, graduations, holidays like the Fourth of July, BBQ’s and cookouts. There are always get togethers that call for the masses to meet up and party.

It would be incredibly handy to have a multitude of drinking options for everyone. Individual pitchers and containers take up so much space on cramped tables. This makes the 3-tiered stacked glass drink dispenser an asset to have. All you need to do is fill up the individual section with ice and a drink choice, then stack them on top of each other. 3 different options of drinks, all with a push nozzle to dispense any drink. Easy, efficient, space savor, and a wonderful talking point for everyone.

Compliments and being a hit at any gathering is what you’ll receive buy purchasing one of these stylish gadgets.

3. Sensibo

What could be better than having a device that can turn your ordinary air conditioner into a smart air conditioner?

Imagine having a device that can learn your habits and can be controlled all from your phone. Sensibo can turn off the AC once you leave the house, and be controlled wherever you are to be turned back on the pre-cool your house before you arrive. You may want to hire a professional like an Calgary air conditioning expert, who can assist and guide you through the process and even set it up all for you.

The fact that you can control this device through the internet means you’re never out of reach of having full control of the when your AC goes on. That means no more costly energy bills!


No summer is complete without swimming. And you can’t go swimming without some radical music. Wow I feel older than I am now…

ECOXBT is one of the coolest wireless speaker you’ll ever find. This speaker is entirely waterproof, and it that’s not enough for you, it floats. That’s’ right, it floats. Means you and everyone else can head to the lake, pool, hot tub, or bath, and not have to worry about if you can hear those tunes. It even has an incredible 12-hour battery. The party doesn’t stop anytime soon with this “bad boy”.

5. Pocket Projector

Summers are synonymous with be outside. What better way for friends and families to enjoy being outside then nighttime movies?

A Pocket Projector is just small enough to fit into your pocket, but powerful enough to cast a 20-foot picture onto the side of your house. Or smaller if you want to use a sheet as a screen. Making popcorn, getting drinks and candy, make the night one everyone will enjoy. Connect this device to your computer or smartphone, or even game consoles, and hit play. Make your house the hit spot this summer.

Summer is coming up fast. Don’t be on the outside looking in. Make this summer something you can look back on come winter and just get warm at those warm memories.