Tuesday, February 7, 2017

8:27 PM

The vesting of responsibility in managing the levels of technical debt is an important job as to decide who would be the best team to do it effectively. It is critical for the engineering team to adopt the latest and most modern tools and techniques for setting up the levels. They should be able to set a clear and specific distinction between the user stories which means specifying new values for business according to the prioritization of the product managers. They should also look into the chores for development along with all the tasks that are specified to them and these should be left to the engineering team to prioritize according to their proficiency.

Chores For Development Is Crucial

Development chores are most critical and therefore should be left for the engineering team as it includes important features and factors like paying off tech debt by refactoring. When such responsibility is forsaken by the engineering team or is vested on to someone else, tech debts are bound to spiral up and go out of the ceiling resulting in huge loss in terms of time and money. It would force you to make large rewrites and forgo creativity along with productivity if debt reaches to really unmanageable proportions.

Use Of Slack Time

In a software development company slack time is that portion of time which is utilized for working on features other than user stories. It is during this slack time that most of the engineering team does their refactoring and development chores and whenever there is any sustainable pace it would imply slack. You can check online to know more about refactoring.Slack time may vary and can range between ten to thirty percent of the available working hours during the week. It can also be used for self-learning activities, experimenting with new approaches and technological languages, contributing to open source and much more.

Right Amount Of Slack

Allotting the right amount slack time is also important for a team to work well and also know the best ways to utilize it. There may be some who would waste in on lost causes while others would need someone to direct them what to do. Without proper discretion and knowledge it is not possible to balance time properly. It may be so that during this time an opportunity for paying of tech debt may pop up and you may be in the middle of a coding feature when suddenly the inspiration hits. One should know how to take tradeoffs and when is the right time to take it.

Velocity And Volatility

Slack time may eat into the velocity which is the pace at which a development team delivers value to business. It is one thing you should keep in mind while allotting slack time so that you do not run your team at full velocity just like you would never want to run your car above the redline. Allot that much slack to address tech debt on a regular basisand the low volatility would indicate that your team is running at a sustainable pace.

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