Monday, October 16, 2017

6:24 AM

Is the trend in digital marketing the same? Why are things changing so fast nowadays in communication and how is digital marketing related to communication? Can we separate the two and still have each perfectly working? We will try to answer the questions by closely examining five trends below, in the digital marketing section worldwide.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017-2018 You Should Follow

1. Instant Response Platforms

Marketing hit several significant notches higher in 2017 as a result of easy communication between the two parties involved through such platforms engaged in transforming the world of marketing to digital. As we all understand, central to any business transaction is the power of communication. This has been the talk and challenge of years but recently, it has been affected by digital teams all over the globe hence making digital marketing a sweet and enjoyable safe to go business.

What about this instant response? Let me clear up by giving you a simple illustration as to why this is one of the things to watch out for and why.

First, online marketing just began as a trial to making known to the public what it all entails to have some companies’ commodities. As the buy and sell began multiplying in some ways, it became necessary to be constantly in touch with the customers and dealers at the same time. Therefore, from the time of trial till now, chat and talk have been a great form through which marketing has been made the effect.

Instant response, therefore, as one can reason, has been a boaster towards online digital marketing. Consider Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Here is a real example of how instant response has caused digital marketing grow fast.

2. Social Influencers

An example of such instance is live video chat. You realize that the connection between the brands and the business fans connects very fast. This acts as a catalyst especially in the case that the buyers and other dealers do not exactly understand what is being involved in particular areas. Hence there is a big need to make them understand the issues as they are. As a social fact, one must make his/her clients understand what is being talked about to create confidence.

Who cannot be moved by intimate connection between a mother and a father, especially when handling sensitive matters? Actually all. In this same case, the relationship experienced between social influencers and their clients is too high to be assumed. Even when one is not careful enough. It has been a digital marketing trend to carefully watch.

3. Video Marketing

One of the very fast spreading engagement tool at this current digital-dominated world. The users are very much overjoyed and do love the content hence the market dealers are boasted which drives them to succeed. There is a well-balanced interactive content in video marketing through such media as Skype, WhatsApp video call amongst other media. The increase of these is a really growing in the later times of 2017.

4. Stock Stores

Lately, in-store keeping has greatly skyrocketed due to a number of unbelievable minute reasons – of course, which are the fundamentals of digital marketing. The use of highly sophisticated mobile generations like apple and Android, which are able to globalize the whole world into a small village, has made matters easy. Stocks keeping has really improved very much although it is not directly connected with digital marketing. But due to the earth being made a global village, the stores have greatly increased as the stock is at a very high rate being sold digitally through mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

5. Tutorials and Education Content

There appear many forms of learning digitally including e-learning and distant learning. Over and over, I have been considering the agency with the educational sector and to call a spade a spade, education through forums and materials is enough to be called an independent entity operating and advancing online digitally. If you don't have time to manage your digital marketing campaigns, then you can hire several digital media agencies like online to do things effectively.