Tuesday, July 13, 2021

8:55 AM

Radio over IP or ROIP service allows various push-to-talk devices to be connected to a voice switching network. Many businesses and companies turn to radio over IP solutions to connect calls to other handsets, mobile phones, and devices. The key to having a good experience with this service is to find the right provider.

Choose the Best ROIP Provider

Top 4 Tips on How to Choose the Best ROIP Provider

1. Evaluate a Summary of Their Solutions

Most radio over IP solutions providers offers a summary of their available solutions and the benefit of each one. Your first step should be to evaluate this, determine if they are compatible with your application, and see if they have solutions that will work for you.

2. Get the Features You Need

Once you've perused the company's summary, you need to ensure they have the features you need. Some of the key things to consider are the number of ports on the provided device, wire interfaces, codecs, circuits, compatibility, multicasting, and configuration.

3. Consider Beyond LOS Features

One feature that many companies and the Department of Homeland Security are currently using is beyond line-of-sight features, which allow several handsets to connect to one unit. Unlike the traditional method used to broadcast messages, this has increased functionality. This functionality allows you to ensure your calls are made with perfect reliability with minimal bandwidth expenses. Silence suppression, packet aggregation, and de-jittering are all methods implemented to minimized used bandwidth while making calls more reliable. Because of its prominence, you want to make sure your provider has something like this.

4. Think About PTT Gateways

Many providers allow you to connect their service to your already existing network. If you are switching providers, you should consider whether your devices are compatible with the new service.

If you want to have a good experience with radio over IP (ROIP) services, you need to find the right provider. Following these guidelines is a great way to ensure you find someone that will work with your needs.