Monday, February 5, 2018

4:57 AM

Technology Tools for Freelancers

To be an excellent freelancer, it is important to manage your operations in a way that will enhance your productivity. Today, this has been made much possible, thanks to the help that comes with technology. Freelancers can now enjoy the help of technology tools that come to boost their working efforts. With such tools, you will have an organized workflow system and deliver to your clients in a way that is professional and consistent.

If you are working for a site like Write My Paper 123 you should be able to provide quality services at all times. Those who need help writing a paper will be searching for freelancers who can deliver on time and yet provide high-quality writing. In that case, here are some of the top 5 tools to use in order to deliver.

1. Streak

This is a customer relationship management system that helps in the management and tracking of leads, customers, prospects, projects and so on. It is meant for your inbox preferably Gmail inbox. All a freelancer would need is to download the extension to be able to use Streak. It lets them know how they are making progress with their workload and how to keep track of everything on their desk without failing on any one of them. This is very important especially for writing jobs where there is no chance left to make guesswork. There are very strict demands that must be met without fail.

2. Evernote

This is a tech tool that is very useful for research and storage of important details and notes about projects in progress. For instance, those offering tutoring services in UNC Writing Center can make use of this tool to search for information related to their clients’ needs and easily store it in a manner that can be accessed with ease. The ability to get information when needed is highly enhanced through the use of the Evernote application. Freelancers need to be on top of things and therefore, such tools as these would be very helpful at the end of the day.

3. Due

Due is an encrypted digital wallet well-integrated with a system of invoicing. It is an easy and fast way of organizing payment details in a well-structured way. If you write from home, you probably won’t need anyone to manage things for you. All you need is to get this tool to help you accomplish your assignments. It is a great application to ease and enhance the quality payments on virtual platforms available online. At the same time, they maintain the professionalism of the freelancer. With Due, a freelancer is also able to track themselves, their team and processing of credit cards making transactions a lot easy.

4. Ommwriter

Such services as offered in WritingJobz require timely submissions and freelancers cannot afford to have diverted attention. Therefore, the Ommwriter tool seeks to help freelancers have a distraction-free time when doing their job. This is very important in enhancing the productivity of a freelancer. No one wants to be lazy even when no one is supervising them. For freelancer to gain a good reputation, work must be submitted in high quality and in a timely fashion. One of the best ways to achieve this is by maintaining the focus that can easily be promoted by the Ommwriter tech tool.

5. Timely

The conventional way of tracking assignments using time sheets is a derailing effort. With the advent of technology, such tools as time will help you spend time building your work instead of hunting down how you spend your hours. Timely is a cross-device application used for integrating your calendar, productivity apps, certain computer files, GPS and automatically keep track of your time, all at one place.


Technology has had a lot of impact on how work is being done these days. With a mere click of a button, freelancers can get all work organized and streamlined to create a good flow and delivery. A lot can be achieved without the need to get on board other people to help you do some of the work you need to do. All freelancers would need at this age is to make use of the available tech tools to manage their operations and finances at all times effortlessly.