Tuesday, September 10, 2019

2:55 AM

Protecting your company’s data is one of the best ways to keep customers happy and your business standing strong. With the amount of cyber security issues today, taking a proactive stance in data security is integral to a company’s future. Follow the tips below to help keep your company safe and maintain the trust of your customers.

Ways to Protect Your Company Data

Top Five Best Ways to Protect Your Company's Data

1. Secure Dedicated IT Services

Get a team that is dedicated to overseeing IT issues. Having a professional on hand will make addressing on-site issues quick and efficient. It will also allow your company to take a proactive response to protecting hardware itself. To streamline the process of IT support and network security, you can also invest in managed IT services from an outside company. Having an outside company available for immediate calling can help minimize the amount of interruption to the standard workday.

2. Host Frequent Training Sessions

Many data breaches are due to employee mishaps. Help dodge these avoidable accidents by ensuring your employees are armed with the proper knowledge to protect both themselves and company data from outside eyes. Inform employees about the basics regarding cyberattacks, such as phishing and ransomware. Make sure employees are aware of how to properly report suspicious activity such as questionable emails to the right sources to ensure that security concerns are investigated.

3. Always Update Software

Make sure your company is keeping software updated. For security software, updates are released to address the latest security concerns such as new malware. By staying current with updates, you will ensure your software is as best protected as it can be against the latest digital threats.

4. Prepare for Security Breaches

Make a disaster recovery plan that outlines how to respond in the event of a data security breach. These plans should cover differing employee responses dependent on the severity of the issue at hand alongside methods of isolating devices to help mitigate the damage.

5. Prepare for Natural Disasters

In addition to planning for major security breaches, take the time to outline steps to take in the event of a major natural or man-made disaster. Disaster recovery plans outline steps to take in the event of disasters such as flooding and riots. Consult with a professional to ensure that all steps are covered during the process of creation. Make sure employees are trained on and familiar with the disaster recovery plan.

The best way to keep your company’s data safe is to take a proactive approach to security. Follow the tips listed above today to prepare for the unknown of tomorrow.