Sunday, January 24, 2021

2:21 AM

In the times of sloppy economic growth and business downfall (courtesy COVID-19), one thing that is constantly growing is the Digital Marketing. You like it or not but directly or indirectly you are a part of this digital marketing ecosystem. Either you are a professional working as a digital marketer (or related profile) or surely you are watching those advertisements and pop-ups that are channelized on your screens as a part of the digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital marketing services has been gaining pace since the 2010s. Though globally it is a developing area where the global market has advanced a bit is catching up fast. As a result ‘Digital Marketing’ has been a buzz word for businesses and marketers in the country. With so, much importance about a domain that is always evolving and changing the best stakeholders can do is to predict future trends.

And yes you may say that I am late with this but in digital marketing, you are never late to predict the trends based on what we are witnessing. With that thought in mind, I bring forward 9 digital marketing predictions for 2021 that you must take note if you are professionally (and even if you are the audience) into the domain.

Top 9 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2021

1. Watch Out For The Videos

Video content has always been the first choice if you are looking to engage the viewers. And take my words this would be surely growing as a part of digital marketing. You might have experienced how video platforms and video-based adds are becoming the favorites of digital marketers. With more flow on the internet due to the pandemic created movement restrictions outside in 2021 (and further), you can see video add being the king, in fact, YouTube has already started with it.

2. Reviews And Feedbacks

Reviews and Feedbacks are like a stamp of trust that your business/brand earns. In 2021 you would see a rise in their importance. If you talk about at present then reviews or the feedbacks have an influence rate of around 77% in making a user becoming a potential customer or leaving away from thereon. That’s why you see online reputation building becoming an important one amongst the digital marketing San Diego services asked for by the businesses these days.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI has always been a part of our life. Be it the personal assistant Siri or the Alexa or the Google Assistant. More and more users would are utilizing the voice search feature. Further, AI-powered advertisements have already made their way into the digital marketing arena. Thus, AI is something that would surely expand and integrate with digital marketing.

4. Personalized Touch

Personalized touch with users/customers is one of the best ways to get a connection and building a bond with them. Personalized offers based on the purchases made and preferences or a special offer or greeting mail on birthday are some of the good examples of personalized touch in digital marketing.

5. Influence Of The Influencer

Influencer marketing is now a well-established part of the digital marketing world. Nothing works better than a person with a good social following and support representing your brand. Stats show that around 66% of people trust a product or brand of an influencer is promoting that. With niche areas and specified target audience getting more focus in the advertising world the role of influencer based marketing would only go upwards.

6. Text To Pictures

Another thing that has been rising quietly (you may say silently and unnoticed) is the visual search then the textual search. Instead of typing words on the search bar of the web browser users are preferring to upload an image and get searches related to that. The upload image option on Google Chrome for search and Google Lens have seen increased impressions in the last few years and would be aiding the growth of visual search in the times to come.

7. The Push Notification

They are already being used by close to 90% of the websites dealing with e-commerce operations or what you call e-stores. These notifications are being preferred by the users. Unlike the lengthy newsletter, users love to get these notifications to get quick updates. Moreover, as a digital marketer, you would also like to go for ways that drive instant actions from users and not something that lies unopened in the mails.

8. Mobile Would Be The King

Mobile traffic would be the undoubted king in 2021 and beyond. And thus as a digital marketer, you have to make sure that you’re mobile audience is on the top of the priority list.


Last but not least the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking that has been the crux of it all would have to evolve. What I mean here is that as we discussed that visual search is on the rise your SERP strategy should be on the rise. To give you a simple example the focus should not only be on having keywords targeted content on your web pages but also a good mix of key images to get you on top of the searches.