24 October 2012

Do You Know the Best Way to Engage Your Users? 

Do you know the best way to encourage users to interact with your brand or business? You got it: Contests! That’s what we discover when we did a survey of more than 800 Short Stack users. That outcome didn't surprise us – because we look every day how contest can growth Likes and inspire sharing. What surprised us was that 38% of answered who participated in our survey have never run a contest. By the way images took second spot in the battle contest and wall subjects took third.

What else did we learn?

  • 72% of answerers think they “could do improve” with their social media efforts
  • 51% have tried photo contests
  • 62% use customs tabs to lure their fans
  • 14% of users use video for their contests

If you are interesting to know the best way to engage your users, check out below infographic

Interact Users Infographic