Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1:35 PM

Google Traffic Worse

Over the decades, I’ve grown up to trust on Google Maps traffic data and information. It always seemed the most exact and up to date from what else was out there.

Google Maps crowdsourced users for their momentum and locations and utilized that information to improve traffic data. It worked well.

But since Apple has substituted Google Maps with iOS Maps, is Google crowdsourcing low and hence the traffic data is crappy?

Frankly, I never believed Google was tracking iOS users but I can be incorrect about that. I believed it was just Android users.

When I use Google Maps Help thread, over there one user complaining that traffic data is crappy on Google Maps since Apple shifted to their own mapping service. Again, if Google did not use Apple iPhone user’s information then what he is saying is incorrect. He wrote: 

Has anyone noticed less traffic info now that Apple has removed Google maps from iOS?