Tuesday, October 23, 2012

12:47 PM

Report: Yahoo To Offer Awards To Search On Yahoo

Yahoo Contribute Reward

I had read the user comment on WebmasterWorld forums. He has claimed that Yahoo is beginning an incentive program to encourage users to search on Yahoo search engine.

He told to other users that he was in a meeting with "the Yahoo search team" and they said they are arriving out with a fresh new service named “Yahoo Incentivised Search."

“Yahoo Incentivised Search" service will give you points for all searches done on Yahoo search engine. Those points can be utilized in on featured Yahoo service/products and this kinds of program also launched by Microsoft in the past, that program called Bing Rewards.

I am not completely sure about that program because this kinds of meeting are under strict non-disclosure agreements and to post what you listen in meetings like this is a huge risk.

Will Yahoo come out with a Yahoo Search Awards or Incentives program?