Monday, October 22, 2012

2:16 PM

As the name implies, ‘social’ media are expected to be taken advantage of by extroverted people especially those who are out on an advocacy of some sort. But these days, social media sites are also utilized by institutions who meant serious business.

The wide acceptance of individuals as well as business, website and blog owners to social media can only be attributed to its amazing capability to send a message or messages to as many people as possible. And unlike the other forms of print, TV or radio advertisements, it can be interactive where viewers can express their ‘likes’, comments or share links. Thus, social media can become an all-encompassing, effective and most of all, cheaper marketing tool.

However, no matter how ideal it is to register with all the prominent social media sites there is, it takes a lot of time and effort in managing all the accounts, especially for marketing purposes. Here are the online management tools must-haves for pursuing your social media strategies:


If one will use a tool that will manage social media efforts, it is understandable if he will be looking for something that will cover the different aspects of social media marketing such as monitoring, analytics & reporting, engagement and workflow. And uberVU is just among the perfect online management tool that can offer those qualities. Those who have yet to trust the quality of their service can check out their loyal customers who are well-known in their respective field of business.


Facebook is indeed, a very powerful and influential social media site. One can campaign solely or by focusing mostly on Facebook and if done right, it can do an amazing job of reaching out to a lot of people and potential supporters and followers. For this reason, it also makes sense to use a social medial tool that provides useful Facebook analytics.


Tweetspinner is another social media management tool that focuses on a particular social media site. But this time, social media account owners can get this for managing their Twitter account. With this tool, Twitter account owner can facilitate de-spamming and archiving their DM inbox. Users can also make use of the Tweetspinner’s scheduler to archive the Direct Messages to their system.


Involver helps different companies and agencies in giving their brands a massive reach on social. They provide the platforms needed in build social marketing campaigns, analytics, and have an awareness of subscriber’s purchasing behaviours.


GremLn is another online tool that saves social media account owners from the strenuous task of scheduling Tweets and analysing social media account activities. GremLn allows its user to access up to five different accounts from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Users can schedule up to five messages an hour through GremLn’s free service. Furthermore, they get charts and graphs that shows useful social media analytics.


No, this article didn’t get the spelling wrong. For businesses who want to build their brands, Vitrue can do an amazing job of providing in-depth information about Google+ and Facebook that will help users to have an edge amidst fierce competition.

Final Words

Businesses, website and blog owners are fortunate to have different social media sites for their marketing efforts. Furthermore, they are even more fortunate to have these online management tools that can facilitate their social media strategies. However, these are merely tools and they still need the account owner’s intervention, a good set of hardware and a high speed internet connection to make the social media strategies work.