Monday, October 22, 2012

4:10 AM

Google Sitelink Logo
Now Google has several flavors of sitelinks but did you know guys that the sitelinks vary dynamically not just based queries but also based on your time?

For Instance, search for [microsoft] in Google and you will get distinctive Sitelinks from Microsoft site. For Instance, you get Download Center, Microsoft Suppt , and so on:

Google  Current Sitelinks Time

But if you go the search tools which are on the left hand side and restrict the search to let's say this past month, you get a different bunch of Sitelinks:

Google Month Sitelinks Time
The content from these parts are more unique and fresh, like the news center, some new declarations and I guess famous but recently updated pages.

It doesn’t look to be prefect but I might be a useful tool for me as well as SEOs to see what "fresh" or "latest" pages Google holds to be significant on your website.