Monday, October 17, 2011

6:38 AM

If Mat Cutts did SEO reference for your website?It Would be awesome isn’t it? Well, if Matt Cutts won’t do it, Google Search Team will…well, Ex-Google Search Quality Team to be precise.

Alfonso Verdugo, Ariel Lambrecht, Jonas Weber, Michael Schwarz, Pedro Dias – were firstly functioning at Google in their Search Quality Team – the combine team at Google is credibility for the non-paid organic search quality assurance at Google, hence SEO Experts without any doubt.

For now, they all will be coming to found together to form an SEO consultation firm called the Search Quality Alliance.


In their own words:
As former Googlers we vision it as our dream to teach most of people as possible how to execute successful SEO and to be consistent with Google Webmaster guidelines at the same time.
From collaboration in international SEO projects, to Google & SEO workshops, up to developing new tools involve testing and sharing of better practices, the Search Quality Alliance will offer a range of SEO solutions.
So, even though they’re an internationally collaborating set of agencies, the Ex-Google label sure looks promising.