Monday, December 26, 2011

3:58 AM

Google has constantly known for its experiments and attempts to make Search Engines free from Spammers, Scammers, Content Violations and to make Internet more safe by making changes and updates into their Algorithm. The year 2011 was the largest year for Google Algorithm Updates because in this year Google made many changes into their Algorithm which affects almost 40% of its Search Position and Queries in Search Engines. Some of the major Algorithm Changes And Updates of 2011 is Google Panda, Google+ Plus 1, Google UI Update etc.

Google changed its search rule and regulation up to 500 times each year. So what makes 2011 any different?

Lots of webmaster and website owners are demanding that Google Algorithm Updates of 2011 was truly effective and they had made alternations into their websites and weblogs according to the latest Google updates, which really effects their global audience and web traffic from Google Search Engines. The following Google Algorithm Infographic timeline incorporate the Major Google Algorithm Updates and Changes of 2011, which assists you to realize how often Google make changes into their Search Engines Algorithm.
Google Algorithm Updates and Changes In 2011