Monday, January 23, 2012

7:57 AM


Facebook could be program to set up its IPO this May 2012, according to a report from All Things Digital. The social network is seeing to go public in late spring – probably during the third week of May, according to unknown sources.

It has Prolonged been known that Facebook was planning an IPO. In November, the firm was said to have been focusing the second quarter of 2012 for its stock offering.

You will be amazed to know that in current years an initial public offering from Facebook would be the biggest from a tech firm, with new valuations of the company attaining as above as $100 billion.

Facebook IPO

Rob Ender told V3 that a Facebook initial public offering would also assist to shape the hereafter of the industry, as many companies will base their own IPO judgments on the result of a Facebook offering.

"This will be a vast bellwether. If it goes well, it will probably outcome in a wave of IPOs and could, in and of itself, signal major market retrieval," Enderle said. "If it fails, the opposite would also be true." Facebook's anticipated IPO arrives in the wake of a number of public offerings from web companies. Last year, social networking site LinkedIn saw its share cost double within minutes of trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Music streaming service Pandora Media's initial public offering also showed famous, however economic worries afterward caused the company's stock cost to cool. And Russian search engine Yandex also went public.

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