Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10:01 PM


Some of Facebook’s TimeLine application collaborators are seemingly dizzy with the relationship as yet, according to a post on the firms developer blog

Let’s begin with the much-plugged Pinterest, one of 60 launch collaborators declared last month. Since beginning its open graph integration, the virtual pin-up board has seen its day-to-day visitor’s growth 60 percent. growing traffic from facebook raised 50%. According to Facebook, the leap has come from’s shopping app and fresh live feeds through the timeline.

Facebook exposed only percentage growths, not raw numbers. Another good thing is that the developers can also take necessary social media actions like "want" or "own," which symbolize posterity of the lesser descriptive "Like" button. Practically, since the actions are more colorful, they are assisting thrust more eyeballs to the timeline app collaborators.

Here is some other information from Facebook's blog post:

Pose, a digital espial vehicle for the fashion- heeded, experienced a 5X bump in day-to-day signups for its website and mobile app. has seen visitors' time spent arise through 60%.
Foodspotting's traffic from Facebook has advanced by 3X since enforcing its timeline app. And has picked up 4X the fresh users compared to before.

Facebook has announced the latest timeline app launches:
  1. Buzzfeed
  2. CBS Local: Los Angeles and New York
  3. CMT
  4. The Daily Show
  5. GetGlue
  6. Huffington Post
  7. Mashable
  9. MTV News
  10. Pixable
  11. Sporting News (launching in March)
  12. TODAY Show
Yesterday’s sets up join existing apps ranging from the Guardian's social news app to Washington Post Social Reader. These apps create new directions for readers to find out content, while giving publishers the chance to approaches new audiences. They're built around news and content people care about and identify with and render easy ways to command the social experience.

Yahoo: 25 million have chose in to Social Bar; 2 million using day-to-day.
Rockmelt: 20 % growth in traffic.
Guardian UK: 5 million installs.
Digg: Pageviews up 35 percent; 2X monthly active users; 4X growth in weekly active users; 3X growth in daily active users.

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