Saturday, February 18, 2012

10:42 PM

A dominantly male platform, nearly 70 percent, Google plus is tardily but indeed attracting a more diverse user base. Large brands are taking observe and many have fully incorporated the platform into their social media planning for 2012. Many users asked question that is Google plus a part of your 2012 social media strategy? It should be!

Let’s analyze some of the brands to look in 2012 for Social media insight.


Over half a million users have this brand circled on Google Plus. If you have H&M in your circle then you will see their fashion picks of the day, get entrĂ©e to style guides like their 2012 Denim Guide and pursue with other fans of the brand by talking about questions like “What’s the first signal of spring? Caps, sneakers, sunglasses?” Engagement isn’t quite what you’d expect if you had these lots fans on Facebook – Fewer than 100 shares and around 100 +1s is usual for their day-to-day status updates.

Insight: Don’t expect Google Plus to do precisely how Facebook or Twitter brand pages do. It’s a latest platform and all of us are still waiting to look how the community shapes up. Take the upper hand from H&M and begin interacting. Find an anchor subject, like H&Ms fashion picks of the day, and stay consistent with your messaging. If it’s not working then shift it up, but at the very least try!


You must have heard about Marvel which is recognized as one of the most eminent fictional character company of the world. This legendary company is providing unlimited entertainment to its fans for more than 70 years and also has millions of fans on Google+

Marvel used their brand page to advertise its live blog sessions and also conducted a hangout on December 7 to declare winners of “Avengers vs X-Men” battle. So far they are doing incredibly well to maintain their brand throughout several social platforms.

Insight: Publicizing your brand on multiple platforms is a very effective way to enlarge your reach to many demographics. Things you should learn from Marvel: Stay in touch with your fans on a regular basis, keep your fans updated on social platforms and keep an impression which always makes them wanting for more.

A brand which is must to watch out for is Ford motors. There is always something happening to their circle on Google+ you’ll get to see announcement posts, exclusive photos of sensational Ford vehicles, Ford promotions and much more.

Insight: Interact with the fans of other pages too; don’t only follow your fans but share good news to officials of other pages as well. Show affection to you everyone on Google+ just like Ford has done.

Comcast is a company everyone must follow on Twitter, their work is to provide Internet and phone services, Comcast has a social team which is utilizing Google+ to its full potential for corporate activities and reply to queries of clients.

Insight: If you are running an online customer service, it is essential for you to be present on these social platforms all the time. Find places where your customers can be and show them your presence by updating them about unique stuff.

Team Coco
If you’re a fan of Conan O’Brien, any one on his Google+ circle will tell you what’s going on with Team Coco? As he serves his fans with latest news related to Team Coco on every social media platform.

Insight: Don’t just keep your status message to written form, perhaps share videos and images with them too as if Coco does on Google+.

Still on the Fence about Google+?

If you want more information about Google Plus then do research on it. It’s obviously that all social websites are going to be perfect for your brands

Find rivals using Google+, analyze riffles, look if you can observe trends within your own industry’s community on Google Plus, Use some of the insights you reap from big brands and begin a Google Plus page. Proctor your growth and look what works for you.

Do you plan on having a brand existence on Google+ in 2012?