Sunday, April 8, 2012

10:14 PM

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is frequently biggest part of various social media marketing budgets.

And so far, the education available on the subject is deficient.

There are various marketers who decided that what works and what doesn’t, but very few are putting unitedly solid research efforts to find industry most beneficial practices.

Facebook Advertising Research

In February 2012, Social Fresh spread 2012 Facebook Ads Survey. Social Fresh thanks to research partners like – Buddy Media, Likeable and so on. – In this survey there are 347 Facebook Advertisers finished the survey.

Social Fresh created this 2012 Facebook Advertising Report. Company goal is to begin to understand how Facebook ad uses the platform for marketing and where their challenges are. This report will help you out to understand and create better Facebook advertising educational content.

In this report they covered in the full 30 page report, which you can download for free here.

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Facebook Advertising Infographic:

Facebook Advertising Infographic
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