Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1:51 AM

Google+ Logo
Google Continues to combine its products, contacts, Gmail and Google Plus are getting more like a single tool. Google Plus now integrates your saved contacts e-mails and contact numbers in circles profiles – So, you don’t need to go out the social network to look for that information.

Not to concern about safety though – If you are on Google Plus, your contact number, etc. isn’t “public”. Your contact information is only seen by those Google Plus buddies who already have your information saved in their contacts list.

Sean Paul who is the product manager in Google posted the update last weekend on Google Plus, Which permits Google Plus users to go directly to a person’s “About” page to look out saved contact information crucial from Google contacts.

Sean Paul Google Plus

This could be easy for those of us who now won’t have to insolent between the inbox and our address book within Gmail, if we hold a Google Plus open for that aim – as long as those contacts are in Google Plus. It’s an include cutoff, and we can see the profit of it, especially since the default setting (there is no other) is “seeable only to you.”

You can also redact the contact directly from the Google Plus “About Page, so that is another attribute to appreciate.