Friday, April 13, 2012

6:33 AM

Pinterest Experience

Do you like Pinterest? Does Pinterest keep you up at night, staying up late to post more pictures to your board? Are you spending more time than you do on Facebook and Twitter? If so, you are interesting deal of today’s social media generation.

Simple and easy to use and habitual, Pinterest has vary the way we share in a globe that had already been given tough time by social networking communities. Pinterest gives something new in social networking industry.

I have collected some handy tool for easier *Pinterest* and here are some more to improve user experience .Now you more amuse of the site using these four useful little tools
Pin Search

In our routine life, how frequently you found an image on Pinterest and eager to find out more about it? This chrome plugin works by permitting you to look out for information on any image. It will search out images as well as any sites this plugin shown on so you can search our more about the photo.

Move over any Pinterest pin and it will elaborate with this chrome plugin. It is an easy tool, but utile if you like to examine images rather opening each.
Pinterest Recent Activity Expander

This basic version of the original flourisher tool allows you to see who has reblogged your items and joined you since you last opened on. It takes the better of the larger plugin and gives you the main attributes that most people require. It has security accounts now.

Pinterest Bookmarklet

There are easier ways that make using Pinterest even easier, this tool works by releasing all comments on photos to save space. With this capability, you can see more pins at once, for a fresher look. Browse more expeditiously and keep yourself from missing anything with the text minimized


These plugin are very basic, but they assist to heighten a site that is increasing in popularity by the say. What are few of your favorite Pinterest plugins? Let us know in the feedback!