Monday, July 23, 2012

1:39 AM

Hire Me To Remove That Link? Pay Me $20 To $500!

Recently Google webmaster help has published thread that webmaster claiming that in order for him to get some of the websites linking to him to abolish the link, the website owner is demanding him to pay between $20 and $500 to abolish the link.

The techniques are calling these "link removal processing fees."

At Present, this is not employing a third-party company to abolish links for you (i.e. link removal companies). This is disturbing the site that has links to you, to abolish those links, some of them are paid links or someone else paid to link to you years ago and now to abolish the link, they want money as well. This is easier method to generate lots of money to remove links from website owners.

He wrote:

We have been getting many requests for abolish of links. We will cheery do that for you. It is a manual process and we have about 100 directories.
 * So for $25 we will remove your URL from all our 100 directories. You just need to pay on PayPal below 

* If you are just after the list of 100 or directories we have then the fee is a token $2 to stop all the freebee hunters. We need to live as well.

* Do you want us to search our directories for your link and give you a report then that cost is $10. This is perfect for people with few resources to check themselves. Especially as there are 100 directories which takes time.

Paid Links Remove Picture

Barry Schwartz has published example which is public and posted on Search Engine Land in about an hour.

I have a question on that Is this ethical? Should we pay someone to abolish a link to your site? They claim it takes them time but still the link is hurting you. I imagine you can always sue them?

The brilliant option is 404 the target page, which is extreme or wait it out for the deny link tool from Google.