Monday, July 23, 2012

2:29 AM

We are In A New Globe

Link Removal

With all the worried over unnatural link notifications, the Penguin algorithm update, denying links and lawsuits over linking, SEO’s and Webmasters are keen to abolish all poor links as far back as they can.

In Google webmaster help thread has conversation about a fresh linking industry, not for link building but for link removals. The idea is not new, we talked about it in 2008 with link unbuilding, but it is much more of a worry today than in 2008. .

Actually, so much so, there are firms harvesting that just work on linkage abolish campaigns.

I am pointed out two services, one and the other SEOmoz is described working on a way to discover spam links as well. Some other provate tools do this already. There are also link abolish tools such as