Monday, July 9, 2012

5:14 AM

Links Still More EngagingThan Social Signals

Matt Cutt and Danny Sullivan

Matt Cutt, The head of Search Spam, was interviewed at SMX Advanced by Danny Sullivan (editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land). In latest conversion Matt Cutt and Danny Sullivan were talking about link versus social signals. Danny Sullivan opinion on that Matt Cutts said links are sill, for the hidden future, going to be a more immensely signal for search rankings than social signals. Cutts didn’t say that in 10 years that may vary but right now, Indeed link are more crucial.

Here is the Video:

Links versus social signals is one of those debates in the SEO world that is screwing up.

If someone logged in Google+ then Search ranking show different result while in terms of a core ranking signal for users who are not logged in? Well, Matt Cutts would better know.