Saturday, July 14, 2012

3:38 PM

Google Webmaster Tools Now Adds Crawl Error Warnings

Google Webmaster Tool

In the past days Google only sent you alerts through Webmaster Tools when your website was hacked, had harmful effect on it, needed a software upgrade or had dangerous spam issues.

At present, Google will sent you warning through Webmaster Tools (and e-mails it to you if you arrange it to forward to e-mail) when you obtain crawl errors.

Google will send you alerts for both wide and page particular issues.

Site wide alerts contain:
  1. Your DNS server is down or misconfigured.
  2. Your web server itself is firewalled off.
  3. Your web server is rejecting connections from Googlebot.
  4. Your web server is clogged, or down.
  5. Your site’s robots.txt is unaccessible. 
Site Error

Page specific alerts that are less critical contain:

  1. Server error
  2. Soft 404
  3. Access denied
  4. Not found
  5. Not followed
Site URL Error

Are you receiving emails from Google Webmaster Tools? If not, SET IT UP!!

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