Monday, August 6, 2012

6:58 AM

Google Toolbar PageRank Gets An Update 

Google PageRank August 2012 
I have seen reports in the several forums, including WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums that Google has updated their toolbar PageRank values for various sites.

The last update we had to the Google Toolbar PageRank was in May 2012, about three months ago, which is generally how frequently Google will push out a toolbar PageRank update to the public.

I am very glad to see that I don’t see as much worry and buzz about this in the forums. Possibly it too lately occurred and SEOs in the forums still have not awakened and they will burst in fear and joy about the PageRank update or maybe SEOs have find out.

I just checked this site and continue decline form once a PageRank 7 and now reduce to a PageRank of 3. Why? More on that over here.

Why aren't the Google Toolbar PageRank values updated more frequently? 

How do PageRank updates work?