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Efficient Ways to Create Backlinks to Your Blog and Website

Generate Backlinks

 Backlinks are the lifeblood of websites or blogs that desire to be listed on the first page of a search engine’s organic search results. Most SEO practices are built around the strategy of building backlinks to a website or a blog. Search engines give high value to websites that have a lot of backlinks from high pagerank websites. Search engine crawlers also rank and index such websites giving special priority. Backlinks are defined as external links that link a website with another website, these types of links are also called as inbound links or incoming links.

The interesting thing about backlinks is that if linked with a high pagerank website, the link transfers the juice and value of the high pagerank website to the secondary website. This way the secondary linked website is given the same value as that of the high pagerank website during search engine indexing. Webmasters often research and analyze on the topic of generating backlinks from different sources. It is mandatory for your website to receive backlinks from different kinds of websites, because only then will it gain more value and rank during search engine ranking and indexing.

Search engines are coming up with intelligent algorithmic updates to prohibit spamming and black hat SEO techniques. For instance, Google has recently released the Penguin update, which asks for search engine crawlers to be hard-and-fast on websites that breach Google’s publisher guidelines. Search engines like Google literally appraise websites built using white hat SEO practices. Of late, it has become mandatory for webmasters to practice organic backlink generating techniques such that it complies with search engine policies.

I have mentioned below a few techniques that will help you generate backlinks in an organic and search engine friendly manner:

  • Blog Commenting & Forum Posting:

All you have to do is to search for high pagerank blogs, forums, and websites and be a part of it. For articles and blogs, make sure that they have an integrated commenting platform in which you can paste a link. Make sure you do not post offensive or contradictory comments, always appreciate and respect the work of fellow bloggers and webmasters.

  • Social Networking & Social Bookmarking:

Social networking websites are crucial for generating backlinks. Create blog and website related pages on popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. This will help search engines validate and authenticate your blog or website.

  • Creating Pages on Web 2.0 Websites:

Posting keyword related content on web 2.0 websites such as Squidoo and Hubpages will help generate valuable backlinks. These websites help you post interesting and quality content on their websites, you can also insert links to your website or blog in the content. Web 2.0 websites have integrated commenting platforms, social media sharing options, and are search engine friendly.

  • Documents Sharing:

Include hyperlinks and submit keyword related word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents to websites such as Slideshare, Slideboom, and Docstoc. Though most of these websites have a no-follow attribute to hyperlinks, search engines highly value the links from document sharing websites.

  • Other Organic Techniques:

A few of the other organic backlink generating methods are: submitting step by step tutorials, writing product reviews, answering questions, and submitting infographic images.

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