Thursday, August 9, 2012

3:01 AM

Why Google Admonishes Changing Your AdWords Time Zone?

Google Adwords Timezones

Back in 2006, Google permitted their Adowrds advertisers to modify their time zones one because of a billing structure update. When that was done, they said no more varies allowed to that setting. Except there were exclusion to the rule and there still are.

I have seen in Google Adowrds help thread, one advertiser asking about changing their time zone setting in their Adwords account. It is a pretty wanted feature that still is not promoted by Google –but why?

Google says that this is secure to your billing and changing it impact your reporting and billing. Google writes:

Your reports, statistics, and billing are all affected by the time zone you select. For example, settings such as your daily budget run on a 24-hour schedule. We recommend you choose your local time zone so your budget cycle ends when your day ends.
Then Google say that they will change it once in the life of the Adword Account:
In the event you set your account time zone in error, account time zones may be changed up to one time over the life of an account.

Without doubt Google doesn’t want you changing this setting.

But if you require to, you can request a change by clicking here.