Friday, August 10, 2012

3:27 AM

Google Introduces That It Cares If Your site Is Improved For Smartphones

Google Logo

Google is testing a latest mobile search feature, which shows a small smartphone icon next to results for pages that have been improved for smartphones.
The feature was first placed by Bryson Meunier, the Director of Content Solutions at Resolution Media, who blogged about it, demonstrating the following screen shot crap:

SmartPhone Icon on SERP

Bryson Meunier said that he was viewing the icon next to Wikipedia and IMDB results, as well as for other sites with mobile content. .

He also updated his post with an official verification from Google about the test, saying, .

We’re trying out with ways to improve the mobile search experience, including helping users identify smartphone-optimized sites.
In his blog post depicting the test, Meunier noted,

This is similar to former Possum/Pass Over Redirect update Google declared in December, but instead of demonstrating mobile URLs they show a smartphone icon– in a way that’s similar to what they have historically shown in feature phone results. If this becomes a lasting addition to the smartphone SERPs, it could give webmasters more incentive to mobilize their content, as searchers might click through more frequently to content they know is going to be useable for their device.

 Maybe there are more nears out there in the wild.. Google has been promoting webmasters to optimize their websites for mobile for pretty some time. In recent months, they’ve really ramped up this encouragement with their GoMo campaign. .

It’s in Google’s most beneficial interest to see that content is optimized for mobile phones as mobile search queries begin to arise. It doesn’t display very well on Google or the Google user experience when the search engine points to pages that are uneasy for users. ..
It’s evidently in webmasters best interest to provide users with improved experience to keep them from getting out their site before converting.

Here is a clearer screen shot of the smartphone optimized icon via