Monday, August 27, 2012

4:22 AM

Bing Logo

Recently, Bing declared improvement to Bing Webmaster Tools where they have added percent changes, deltas, for metrics on the dashboard.

Now, everyone see the percent gain or reduction for Clicks form search, seemed in search, pages crawled, Crawl error and pages indexed and Bing will show the percent change from the previous 30-day period.

Here is an image shot:

Bing Webmaster Tool Report

Bing Report and Data

Users can also see the date range you specified, plot that data in the present period data and then look at the similar time in the period before. For instance, if use want to look at the past 30 days of data, it will compare that data to the 30 days period before that.

Couple technical notes:

  1. With the pages indexed, Bing will display you the percentage varies among the last day of the chose period and the last day of the near period.
  2. Bing Webmaster tool data extends as far back 6 months, so anyone can compare 30 days, one day, or even 3 month of data.

Eventually, Google brought this feature around October 5, 2010.